RSI SPORTS comprises seven distinct brands, each with its own unique area of expertise. Together, these brands are dedicated to providing dependable, sustainable, and cutting-edge sports infrastructure solutions. RSI SPORTS innovations are used in high-end sports venues and community sports grounds as well as for many leisure facilities.

The organization comprises seven brands that each offer unique solutions to deliver quality infrastructure for sports. Our products and concepts answer the need for affordable, flexible, high-quality, and low-maintenance sports venues and facilities.

RSI SPORTS products and solutions distinguish themselves for being easy to install, available in different colours or finishes tailored to local, legislative or commercial needs, and always complying with the applicable standards or local preferences.

An RSI SPORTS facility can be erected without the need for heavy-duty equipment or engineering. It can be assembled or installed by untrained crews or even volunteers.

Where possible, RSI SPORTS uses easy-to-recycle materials to limit our environmental footprint.

Order your RSI SPORTS Turf Panel to climate proof your garden or sports field

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels integrate the RSI SPORTS Base Panel performance layer with field heating capabilities and water storage capacity