RSI SPORTS Turf Panels deliver sports performance, impact attenuation, drainage and water storage for any type of artificial turf field. They can also be fitted with a field heating system to keep the field playable during winter.

The panels combine the deliverables of the RSI SPORTS Base Panel and the popular permavoid systems into one modular but stable system for use underneath artificial turf surfaces.

When placed on an impermeable layer, RSI SPORTS Turf Panels create water storage with sufficient capacity to water or cool down a field during dry, hot summer conditions.

Community will take ownership

The panels are easy to install and do not necessarily require the use of heavy-duty equipment or experienced installation crews. The panels can be installed on any flat and stable surface without the need for preparing a subbase first.

Where possible, it is advised that clubs and municipalities use the local community for the installation of the Turf Panels. This will save the club or municipality some valuable funds, but, more importantly, will also stimulate the community to take ownership of the property they helped to deliver.

Sustainable product

The RSI SPORTS Turf Panels are produced in Europe. They are made of recycled polypropylene and experience hardly any degradation in quality. The springy conditions of the panels deliver the required impact attenuation even when the artificial turf surface is installed on a concrete or asphalt surface.

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels maintain their performance characteristics and dimensional strength over a period of not less than 25 years.

Safe surface

The impact absorbing capacities of the panels comply with all rules regarding fall protection for playgrounds, sports fields and other synthetic surfaces.

The panels measure 1m x 1m and have been designed for easy assembly of a sports surface. They can be combined with artificial turf for football and rugby. RSI SPORTS also uses Turf Panels in hybrid fields for stadium surfaces.

Order your RSI SPORTS Turf Panel to climate proof your garden or sports field

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels integrate the RSI SPORTS Base Panel performance layer with field heating capabilities and water storage capacity