RSI SPORTS Turf Panels deliver a dry and playable, mobile field, even when this temporary field is put in places without adequate drainage. The voids underneath the panels have sufficient capacity to temporarily hold excess water until it can drain naturally. The panels also provide the required comfort or impact attenuation to contribute to the game and safeguard the players. 

The modular system can be installed without the need for specific or heavy-duty equipment. It also makes it possible to establish a field even in areas or places that were not designed with hosting a sports field in mind. 

Small hooks on top will grab the artificial turf carpet and keep the carpet in place. 

Once placed, together, they will deliver a modular but stable and comfortable (temporary) artificial turf sports field. 

Order your RSI SPORTS Turf Panel to climate proof your garden or sports field

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels integrate the RSI SPORTS Base Panel performance layer with field heating capabilities and water storage capacity