RSI SPORTS Turf Panels facilitate the easy installation of landscaping products while, simultaneously, delivering comfort. The panels combine impact attenuation capabilities with water drainage and storage functionalities. They can even be fitted with a heating system to deliver a garden or public space that always looks green. 

Thanks to the water storing capabilities, RSI SPORTS Turf Panels can be used to deliver a water buffering capacity to water nearby grass or landscaping elements. 

The panels even facilitate the greening of spaces that don’t have sufficient drainage capacities. Thanks to RSI SPORTS Turf Panels, gardens, playgrounds and green spaces on rooftops or in arid areas can now become reality. 

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels can be installed without the need for heavy-duty equipment, and, when planned correctly, can also prevent significant groundworks. 

Order your RSI SPORTS Turf Panel to climate proof your garden or sports field

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels integrate the RSI SPORTS Base Panel performance layer with field heating capabilities and water storage capacity