RSI SPORTS Turf Panels help deliver sustainable gardens:

No need for excavating and transporting soil

  • No need for crushing or transporting sand or mixed granules
  • Deliver a water storage capacity of 15 litres per m2
  • Made of recycled material
  • Can easily be reused in another project


Always dry feet

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels provide sufficient water storage capacity to help the soil absorb water naturally, while the artificial turf top layer remains dry, flat and stable.


No complicated logistics

The removal of rich soil and replacing it with yellow sand is no longer necessary. RSI SPORTS Turf Panels can be installed on any kind of flat and stable surface. This allows for retaining the natural habitat of beetles, worms and other relevant insects. They remain in the soil underneath the Turf Panels and will not end up in your artificial grass surface.


Stimulates the planting of vegetation

If you would like to have a tree or other plants in the grass surface, the RSI SPORTS Turf Panels can easily facilitate this. The system allows for creating an appropriate segment for the vegetation to flourish. As the rich soil doesn’t have to be removed but remains where it is, vegetation will have ample opportunity to settle in. Even when you decide to replace the artificial turf with plants after many years, all it takes is rolling up the artificial turf carpet and dismantling the RSI SPORT Turf Panels base layer.

Order your RSI SPORTS Turf Panel to climate proof your garden or sports field

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels integrate the RSI SPORTS Base Panel performance layer with field heating capabilities and water storage capacity