Case Study



RSI SPORTS has been a partner of the European Hockey Federation (EHF) and had therefore placed various technologies and innovations. The mobile pitch next to the Wagener Stadium is a small practice field that can be placed easily and everywhere to help clubs and enthusiasts get extra field capacity as quickly as possible. The field with integrated goals, boarding and nets to protect the spectators, is placed on a special deck. The tile path that was there has a considerable slope that we had to overcome to keep the field level. A waterproof cloth was applied to the decking on which we then placed our modular Base Panel. These provide playing comfort to the pitch and, by means of a buffer, drain water horizontally. Thanks to this solution, we can place this type of pitch anywhere without having to dig deep into the ground.


The pitch can be completely dismantled. The pieces of carpet are attached to each other with Velcro. Just like the steel frame for the whole thing, the boarding, the nets and the goals, the mat can be easily removed,’ Van den Acker continues. The pitch is available in various sizes. This type of pitch is ideal for clubs or event organisations that have a temporary need for a small pitch. Of course, we can also build these pitches in a permanent manner. However, Van den Acker also sees opportunities for sponsors who want to commit themselves more explicitly to a club or event. The various components are available in any colour and the boarding can be printed with a message. These kinds of fields are therefore ideal for making a statement. For the boarding, RSI SPORTS used recycled material. RSI SPORTS attaches great importance to sustainability. Even on the drawing board, we think about the future of each component or material. This makes it easier to build up and tear down the pitch and ensures that we leave as small an environmental footprint as possible.